We help business owners and executives protect their income and cash flow if they cannot work because of an illness or accident.

For more than 30 years, we have helped our clients with their insurance needs, representing our clients best interests, not the big insurance companies.

We have a 100% success rate getting our clients legitimate insurance claims paid and this service is free to our clients.

Why use BFP?

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Other Common Names: Partnership Insurance, Buy/Sell Insurance, Business Succession Insurance or Directions Ownership Protection.

There are two scenarios that occur when a Shareholder/Director is unable to work due to death, disablement or illness:

1. They will temporarily be unable to work in the Business (usually up to 12 months) and return once able to work.
2. They will not be able to return to work.

If 1. occurs, BFP make sure that sufficient cash injections are paid to buffer the Business until the Shareholder/Director returns.
If 2. occurs, Shareholders Agreement Insurance ensures a smooth transition of ownership from a deceased or disabled exiting Shareholder/Director, to the continuing Shareholders in the Business. It does this by completing the transfer and funding the buyout.

This strategy is accompanied by an appropriate Buy/Sell Shareholder Agreement (which is also known as a Corporate Will).

Other Common Names: Key Man Insurance, Key Person Revenue Insurance or Revenue Protection Insurance.

Key Person Insurance provides a cash injection into the Business should a Director or key contributor to the revenue, exit unexpectedly due to total & permanent disablement, critical illness or death.

Its main purpose is to compensate for the revenues lost due to that Director or key person no longer being able to contribute to the Business as well as covering the costs associated with finding and training a replacement for that person.

Other Common Names: Liability Insurance, Capital Insurance or Key Person Capital Insurance.

Debt Protection Insurance ensures the Business has the funds to preserve its assets. Preserving assets means extinguishing your debts in order to free up cash flow and maintain a good credit rating.

This strategy extinguishes liabilities if a Director or Guarantor dies or is disabled.

Other Common Names: Sickness & Accident Insurance, Salary Continuance Insurance or Cash Flow Protection.

Income Protection Insurance provides an Income Stream to cover self employed and employee’s salaries to age 70, in the event they are unable to work due to Illness or Injury.

In limited situations, some self employed Business Expenses can also be covered using this strategy.

Other Common Names: Corporate Insurance Plan, Staff Insurance Plan or Staff Welfare Protection.

Group Life and Disability Insurance is a group insurance strategy that provides automatic acceptance life and disability insurances to your staff.

It ensures that they have at least some life and disability insurance available to them, so that your Business is not morally obliged to keep paying them if they do not have their own personal Insurances and are off work for an extended period of time.

Other Common Names: Insurance Under Superannuation, Superannuation Term Insurance, Superannuation Liquidity Insurance or Estate Equalisation Insurance.

Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Insurance is Life and Disability Insurance that is simply owned by a SMSF. Holding Life and Disability Insurance through a SMSF can have many benefits for both the fund and its members.

The majority of SMSF’s hold non-liquid investments such as property and volatile liquid investments such as share portfolios. SMSF’s insure members mainly to prevent investments from having to be sold in the event a member dies or is totally & permanently disabled (TPD).

If death or TPD occurs, a benefit payment must be made and the SMSF’s investments may then have to be sold in a depressed market, causing the fund and beneficiaries to not receive fair value for the investment and therefore diluting the remaining members retirement benefits.

The benefits of structuring insurance on SMSF members include assistance with personal cash flow, benefit payment protection, estate planning, tax effective premiums and protection of SMSF assets.

It is now a legal requirement for SMSF Trustee’s to consider the needs of the fund and its members with regards to life and disability insurance.

Other Common Names: Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, TPD Insurance or Total & Permanent Disablement Insurance.

Personal Life and Disability Insurance ensures that there are no gaps left between Business Insurance needs and Personal Insurance and Estate Planning needs.

It makes certain that a family and their needs and interests are properly protected should death or disability affect the main bread winners or home makers ability to look after their family.

All of our Protection Strategies come with BFP’s recognised Insurance Claims and Estate Support Service. This is BFP’s guarantee to administer and manage your claim when you need us the most. We know your Risk and Insurance Planning inside out and will guide you, your families and your Estate so that this difficult process is looked after and made easy.

Our Business is built on Positive Insurance Claims outcomes for our Clients. For 30+ years we have been offering this service and we are proud to boast a 100% Success Rate with regards to getting our Clients Insurance Claims paid.

We represent you, not the Institutions.

About BFP

Business Funding & Planning has been operating for 30+ years advising in the areas of personal and business insurance and investment strategies. Our key focus is providing risk and insurance solutions so our clients personal and business situations are protected if death or disablement occurs.

The present and future viability of a Business, often rests on select Directors or Key employees; which is why we view Risk and Insurance Planning as a must for all of our clients.

Detail is paramount in all aspects of planning and is something that we pride ourselves on.

When we sit down and think about what our clients want; we understand that everything we do needs to be simple, understandable, cost effective and must integrate easily into a clients current situation.

How do I know I will receive a Risk and Insurance Planning recommendation that truly meets my needs?

Our strategies and recommendations are built on over 30+ years of experience. To ensure that you have a policy that compliments your strategies and is the best for price, built in benefits, contract definitions and claims; we deal with all insurers so that we are able to provide you with a solution that truly meets your needs.

List of Business Funding & Planning's clients

What if I need General Insurance Advice for Public Liability, Directors and Officers Liability, Professional Indemnity, Management Liability, Fire and Theft, Workers Compensation etc?

BFP has a panel of General Insurance Brokers that we work with for our clients General Insurance advice. By utilising our existing relationships and knowledge, you will receive one point of contact for all of your insurance whether it be for general risk policies or life/key person risk policies. The most important thing is that this convenient one point of contact service does not cost you extra.

Does BFP also offer Personal Financial Planning Advice?

BFP is an Authorised Representative of Financial Services Partners Pty Ltd AFSL: 237 590 ABN: 15 089 512 587. If you require advice on your Superannuation and/or Investments, we have some specialist Investment Planners in our group and when you are ready, we will be happy to assist with this.

Does BFP charge for an initial consultation?

No, your first consultation is at BFP’s expense, not yours.

I’m a bit concerned that if I needed to make a claim against an Insurance Company, does BFP help and how much would I have to pay?

Yes we help. BFP manages your claim for you and we do not charge our existing clients for this service at the times when they need us the most. In the past this has meant we have had to do up to 200 hours worth of work that we have not charged for.

If I need advice in other area’s can BFP help me with this?

Yes, we have a comprehensive panel of professionals that we work with to make sure you are receiving great advice. We can even manage this for you if you require.

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